Director Of The Avicii Documentary Posts Heartfelt Story Showing The Gentle Side Of Tim

Levan Tsikurishvili was a close friend Tim Bergling and the director the now infamous Avicii: True Stories documentary which was featured on Netflix. He knew Tim better than almost anyone else acting as both documentarian and confidante to Avicii in his most trying times. While Levan has not been quiet since the passing Avicii, his most recent message about Tim has given us a beautiful story about Avicii which shows who he truly was as a person.

Avcii and the lemur

In a heartfelt Instagram post, Levan recounts a story about the pair being in Madagascar. Avicii was feeding Lemurs, and one bit his finger, leaving him with a severe cut. It was clear that Tim was in pain, and his team was angry about the Lemur being allowed to be around people. Tim stepped in though and protected the Lemur reminding everyone that it was just a mistake.

These small anecdotes that are coming out every day from those close with Avicii show who he was at his core – a gentle, loving soul. We will always miss Avicii but his memory and music will live on forever. Read the full story below.

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