Dirk Nowitzki Thinks Luka Doncic Is A Better Version Of His 20-Year Old Self

Dirk Nowitzki may not be the driving force of the Dallas Mavericks like he once was, but he's still regarded like a "Mamba" within his locker room. Dirk jumped on local Dallas to give his appraisal of the team's youth injection, specifically Luka Doncic. Dirk's praise comes days after a video surfaced of Doncic showing off his training regimen. To anyone that thinks the Euro Leaguer will get bounced around by NBA defenses, think again.

"I could shoot a little bit (at 19), but I never had the court vision, the savviness and the stuff that he brings to the game," Nowitzki said, 105.3 The Fan. "Just the way he already reads pick-and-rolls. You go under, he shoots. If the man goes over, he kind of keeps him behind him like the best, like Chris Paul and these guys do. He does all of that. He's going to be fun -- fun to watch."

Dirk admitted that his words ran the risk of putting too much pressure on the 19-year old, but that he will impart all the lesson's he's learned along the way. Twenty years ago it was Dirk Nowitzki entering the NBA with similar levels of energy and commitment, except the veteran forward seems to think Doncic's learning curve is beyond his at the same age. Nowitzki doesn't hand out compliments unless they've been earned.

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