DiscoverFeed lock Afrojack as latest act to perform at both real club & metaverse

Joining the current hype that revolves around music and the metaverse, Afrojack has been announced as the latest act to perform both in the real world and virtually, during DiscoverFeed’s third digital event surrounding their remarkable concept.

Expanding their network on a constant level, DiscoverFeed are well and truly cementing the link between the real and the digital world, as this time round, Dutch sensation Afrojack is set to perform virtually on July 22nd at Oriental Jack Korea. Having established the world’s first digital twin metaverse business, Disoverfeed are showing no signs of slowing down, whilst their previous two events featuring Dannic and Vini Vici, have laid the groundwork of this revolutionary initiative.

DiscoverFeed x Afrojack at Oriental Jack

Image Credit: DiscoverFeed

Leaving no doubt to the imagination, it comes to no surprise that an array of artists within our scene have been venturing through the metaverse, and everything that the digital world has to offer. Taking it that one level further, DiscoverFeed has successfully introduced a brand new concept for the curation of live events, as party-goers have now the option of either witnessing their favourite acts live on stage, but if unable to attend in person, can also join the fun through a space in the metaverse, where all the features that can be experienced in physical form, are now also omitted at real time, allowing everyone to get the best of both worlds.

“DiscoverFeed provides club music fans around the world a unique form of enjoying music and entertainment in a virtual environment, most commonly known nowadays as – The Metaverse.” – DiscoverFeed

Enabling the realization of a “digital twin” through a specialist company is 3D scanning technology, DiscoverFeed have sought out every little detail that ensures the most breathtaking of projects, and if their previous events are anything to go by, we could not be any more excited for what’s next. With this in mind, Afrojack is more than set on delivering a show for the ages, through both the metaverse, and the real life world at Oriental Jack Korea, and we are all for it. For any further information be sure to visit DiscoverFeed’s official website here, as they are well and truly cementing themselves as the future of events on the wider spectrum that technology has to offer. Will you be joining the hype? Let us know in the comments section.

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