DJ Equipment Was Stolen From The XX Secret Underground Party

DJ Equipment Was Stolen From The XX Secret Underground Party

The XX were in town in Sydney, Australia wrapping up a show they were performing at in the grassy fields The Domain. After the show, they had held an after-party at a secret location that ran until early morning with band members and friends. With Jamie XX & Romy XX and more on the decks, the night looked to be one incredible party after all.

The party went f without issues and while most enjoyed the party and took it all in, it seems that come sunrise others had different ideas. It was soon discovered that over $6000 DJ gear had gone missing, consisting decks, various lights and a mixer. The loss had left the promoter taking a huge hit on the event once it was set and done.

Why anyone would think it’s a great idea to steal from international DJ’s looking to put on a free party and spread some good vibes is beyond us. To recoup some their losses they are holding another event and are asking anyone who can contribute to attend or help out with a nominal ticket price amount donation $15-$20.

With these donations, they are also hoping for parties like the one thrown where the incident happened to keep on going. For more information on the new event feel free to visit . A Gundme is also planned to be added at a later time as well.

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