DJ Fett Burger and Stiletti-Ana have a double-LP coming out on Freakout Cult

DJ Fett Burger has announced a double-LP with Finnish producer Stiletti-Ana on Freakout Cult.

The pair previously released an EP, ‘Seriously Goodbye’, on Sex Tags UFO in 2014. As revealed by a DJ Fett Burger fanpage on , this project follows “a series studio collaborations in Stilleti-Ana’s amazing Helsinki-based Haista II studio, and it led to this double vinyl underground smash album”.

The album contains “nine atmospheric under the radar cuts, touching base in slow disco, electronic leftfield house, underground hip hop beats meets krautrock and dub, and some live sound experiments”.

‘358 Men’ boasts Fett Burger’s signature artwork. It is currently available at , where you can also listen to samples the project.

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