DJ Khaled Preaches The Importance Of Being "Focused" At All Times

If one had to guess DJ Khaled's favorite producer, the obvious answer is Focus. His favorite movie? The Will Smith and Margot Robbie crime drama Focus. Were he not making music, there's a strong chance he'd be participating in a focus group. His favorite Ariana Grande song? Obviously "Focus." His low-key favorite car, undoubtedly the Ford Focus. Case in point, the man is focused. Possibly the most focused any one man has ever been. In fact, staying focused is one his self-proclaimed major keys. Therefore, you can bet that he's probably focused as we speak.

Should you ever feel led astray, remember this simple lesson from DJ Khaled. The mogul took to Instagram to share a teachable moment between himself and his engineer Juan, informing the homeboy that notifications won't always be there. "You gotta check your email at all times," says Khaled. "The vocals could be coming in. I know you ain't get no notification, but the notification is being focused, that's the notification. If the vocals come in, you ain't going to know unless you check the email."

He captions the photo with a message a similar nature, reminding followers that staying focused is key. With Father Of Asahd in the works, there's no telling what the future might have in store for Khaled. One thing is for certain. Whatever he does, he'll be focused before, during, and after.

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