DJ Khaled Raged At Label Execs After Album Finished 2nd To Tyler, The Creator

We were pretty surprised when Tyler, The Creator's album IGOR beat DJ Khaled's Father of Asahd 165K to 136K in their first-week showdown last month.

On top of his regular lineup of A-list features, Khaled had promo from an SNL appearance and Pepsi-sponsored kickoff event, while Tyler had no such things.

Khaled was even more surprised by finishing second. So much so, according to Page Six, he raged at Epic Records for failing him.

“He stormed into Epic with an entourage,” a source said. And when projections showed his new record looked likely to come in second, “he was angry and yelling. He threw a temper tantrum,” blaming the also-ran album placing on his label chiefs’ not understanding streaming services and bundle deals.

A second source, who also described how the disappointed DJ did not hold back his displeasure, added, “No. 2 won’t do for Khaled. He was not happy when the album didn’t debut at No. 1 . . . Not happy at all.”

An industry insider added: “He was furious. There was some nasty stuff said. Publicly, he’s all about ‘positivity,’ but there is a mean side to him that people don’t see . . . He overhyped the record and blew it up as his biggest album ever."

Tyler also happens to be on Epic records. So we guess their marketing department just works better for him.

Do you think Khaled deserved number 1, or is he an entitled brat?

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