DJ Khaled Reportedly Settles "I'm The One" Video Case With $1,250

DJ Khaled seemingly doesn't have the time or the patience to meet Instagram model Iryna Ivanova in court, since he reportedly just paid her the money she was so desperately looking for. According to The Blast, Iryna was in Khaled's "I'm The One" video and was promised to be paid $1,250, but says she didn't even get a pretty penny. 

Instead attending small claims court next month, Khaled just settled his bill just over $1K and now all is well. If you're wondering where in the video she is, Iryna is the woman riding the white horse in the visuals.

In other Khaled news, the mega-producer recently teased some good news for fans with a photo he and Justin Bieber with the caption: "You already know ANOTHER ONE." It's been a minute since we heard Biebs on a track and considering the studio knowledge Khaled recently dropped, we know he's been putting in MAJOR work to make his next drop a smash hit. 

"You gotta check your email at all times," Khaled preached to his engineer Juan. "The vocals could be coming in. I know you ain't get no notification, but the notification is being focused, that's the notification. If the vocals come in, you ain't going to know unless you check the email."

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