DJ Khaled & Wife Are All Smiles In First Pictures Since Oral Sex Confession

DJ Khaled recently revealed some personal information about his sex life with his wife, Nicole Tuck, and the things they do and do not do. He told the crew over at The Breakfast Club that he doesn't perform oral sex on his wife and she only does it to him, because he's the "king." Since then people such as The Rock and the ladies over at The Talk all shared their two cents, with the latter basically not supporting Khaled's case.

Since the big revelation, that left some people wondering if he and Nicole were on the fritz - especially considering the videos her yelling at him - there's pro that things are fine and well as Khaled shared numerous photos to the Gram he and his two mains in the Bahamas for a vacation. 

One video shows Ashad riding a horse on the beach, basically living the life a Prince at the tender age one while another photo sees them swimming with dolphins. Even though Asahd looks a little nervous to touch the slippery fish, Khaled and his crew look happy and content spending time together. 

Check out the collections photos below. 

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