DJ Sliink Fuses Future Bass With Jersey Club In New Inspired Single – 'Never Stop'

Last week we brought you a new single from Jersey Club pioneer DJ Sliink. It marked a return to production after a small hiatus and demonstrated that Sliink was ready to get back in the game helping spread the good word that is Jersey Club. In his latest production, ‘Never Stop' featuring Zak Leever, Sliink has taken a few risks in production, but they have all paid f in spades.

Merging Of Sounds

The choppy, almost breakbeat like elements Jersey Club are difficult to incorporate into many different sounds. Yet DJ Sliink not only pulled f a successful fusion but did so in style. In ‘Never Stop' the artist pulls from the hottest sound in the dance music industry at the moment – future bass. The use future elements alongside his signature Jersey sound creates a listening experience that is truly unique.

Intensity Mix With Emotion

‘Never Stop' does not hold back on intensity. About halfway through the nearly 3-minute track a brutal trap and bass section rings out. It is unexpected but entirely welcome, as with its addition ‘Never Stop' is elevated to a new level intrigue. You never know what you might get at every drop, or when the beat might change. Therefore, this track is a ton fun to listen to time and time again. Sliink is back and better than ever folks, and we cannot wait to hear more. Check out the new single below.

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