DJ Snake Feat. Lauv – A Different Way (KANDY Remix) [Free Download]

We’re starting to see a new batch DJ Snake remixes come out (and a couple more still teased), which leads us to believe that there’s a new remix pack coming out soon. But for now, we’ve got a new remix DJ Snake’s “A Different Way” from KANDY that plays perfectly to the producer’s wild nature.

It’s no secret that “A Different Way” is much ster than much DJ Snake’s previous work, signaling a possible change in style for 2018 and onward. But Kandy has taken it upon himself to inject some that older Snake pizzazz into the mix.

Aside from that one “fart” synth – you’ll know it when you hear it – the remix absolutely bangs. Twisting, chaotic synth work in the drop coupled with some bouncy drums are sure to keep the headbanging crowd happy, as well as the shufflers. The final drop then goes double time for some truly epic energy.

The remix is out now! Check it out below.

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