DJ Snake's 2017 Recap Video Needs To Be Seen To Be Believed [Watch Here]

2017 was one crazy year for DJ Snake!

To recap his wild ride a year, the producer has unleashed a 3-minute video that goes so quick it might give you whiplash. Headlining everything from Ultra to Tomorrowland, DJ Snake is certainly living out his superstar lifestyle in the fast lane. Most notably, DJ Snake made history earlier this year when he played atop the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, something that no other artist in history has ever done.

DJ Snake shared a simplistic message along with his video upload: “2017. Une Histoire Sans Fin. Thank You.”

“Une Histoire Sans Fin” roughly translates to “A Story Without End.” It’s clear there is no slowing down for DJ Snake and we can expect an even bigger 2018.

Watching this video back, it seems all other DJ lifestyles pale in comparison to DJ Snake!

DJ Snake – Une Histoire Sans Fin



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