DJ's From Mars, Rudeejay & Da Brozz Drop 90's MegaMix Mashup

DJs from MarsRudeejay & Da Brozz have teamed up on this Throwback Thursday to release an absolutely mind blowing 4 minute 90's mega mashup, smashing 40 tracks together into 4 minutes nostalgia.

All 3 the artists have been teasing this mix on their social accounts for the past week or so, and if you know anything about DJ's From Mars, you know that they do not mess around with there mashups. Starting f in 1989 with Black Box's ‘Ride On Time' and ending with the smash hit ‘L Amour Toujours' by Gigi D Agostino to end it, its a 4 minute journey through the 90s.

There is not much else to say about this mashup, so just click it below and get ready for some CRAZYYY nostalgia!

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