Donald Glover Parodies Migos In "Saturday Night Live" Sketch

Donald Glover has absolutely no problem getting into character—that much is true for those us still trying to get over haunting images the Teddy Perkins episode Atlanta this season. So, when the Golden Globe-winning actor and NBC alum took his talents to Studio 8H this weekend to serve as both host and musical guest on Saturday Night Live, viewers knew they were in for something great.

Kicking things f with his monologue, he addressed tired speculation his relationship, if any, to actor Danny Glover, the harsh reality that he had been rejected the two times he auditioned for SNL in the past, and the bounce back that is his current career full accolades for his role in the creation cultural talking points like the aforementioned Atlanta. Centered around his versatility despite being turned down twice, the remainder the monologue took on an overarching skit in which Glover failed at attempting to prove he can, in fact, do anything as we’re so inclined to believe when evaluating his works.

Naturally, the skits couldn’t possibly disappoint with a standout choice being the one in which Glover and cast members Kenan Thompson and Chris Redd took on the role everyone’s favorite trio when they appeared in a music video as Migos in a parody track titled “Therapy.” The basis the cut found its place in the fact that Migos maintain such a fast-paced lifestyle only by going to therapy twice a week to work out their problems—problems that include buying a Lamborghini that someone already had dibs on. Watch the clip below.


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