Donald Glover Puts Kylo Ren Over Darth Vader & Tupac Over Biggie and Jay-Z

Donald Glover is enjoying success in several categories. He won a Golden Globe, a Grammy, and an Emmy all within a year. His work on Atlanta and Awaken, My Love! ushered in an era Glover dominance. Fans the multi-talented artist saw his success coming years in advance. His introspective and sharp disposition on mixtapes like Culdesac and Royalty were just a teaser what was to come next. As far as his acting career goes, Glover is currently the co-star in Disney's Solo: A Star Wars Story. Although the latest Star Wars film is underperforming at the box-fice, Glover still shines as Lando Calrissian, using his charm to elevate the film.

Glover sat down with Noisey to promote the new Star Wars film, and participated in their "Questionnaire Life" segment. He was forced to answer several divisive questions, such as who's better: Biggie, Tupac, or Jay-Z. He was also required to chose between Dark Vader, Darth Maul, and Kylo Ren. When it came to the better rapper, Glover settled with 'Pac. "I think both those other guys are better rappers than him, I think it's really about culturally (sic) significance," he explains. "It's crazy that rappers still compare themselves to him."

When it comes to who Glover thinks is the better Star Wars bad guy, he chose Kylo Ren. In fact, Vader wasn't even in his train thought. "Darth Maul is a good fighter, and I like the double lightsaber, but Kylo Ren’s really funny," he reveals. "I just think he has an interesting sense humor, he’s intense, I get his story. So I kind have to go with Kylo Ren." Glover also chooses Michael Jackson over Prince, and Yoda over Obi-Wan in the short segment. 

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