Donald Glover Stars In New SNL Promo That Reveals He "Hates Dominoes"

Donald Glover has established an illustrious name for himself within the entertainment industry. After having won audiences over with his Childish Gambino alter-ego, Glover has also nabbed critical and commercial success with his acting ventures. The "Redbone" crooner will put his kaleidoscopic range to good use this weekend, as he will host and perform as musical guest during Saturday Night Live.

As always, the folks over at 30 Rock have released a promo for the upcoming broadcast, which features that week's host and performer alongside some members the SNL cast. In the clip, comedian Beck Bennett has created an elaborate sculpture fashioned from dominoes for Glover, which features an impressive pyramid and some intricate patterns. However, Chris Redd swoops in and ruins his creation by stomping on the ground.

When Glover enters the room, he witnesses the mess on the ground and admits how he hates dominoes in a deadpan manner; check out the clip below:

Next, Glover can be seen in the forthcoming Star Wars origin film Solo as Lando Calrissian, and will voice Simba in 2019's live-action remake Disney's The Lion King.  

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