Donovan Mitchell Responds To Ben Simmons' 1-Point Performance

Donovan Mitchell took a page out the Gentleman's Handbook when asked to respond to Ben Simmons' 1-point performance in Game 2 the Boston/Philadelphia Conference Semi-Final. The two basketball players have become bitter inter-conference rivals over their respective claim 2018 Rookie the Year honors.

The split opinion has lured fans into a mindless debate over each player's impact on their team, neither side making a terribly cogent argument. The Donovan Mitchell camp likes to point out that Ben Simmons doesn't fit the rookie criteria due to his layaway year. Even Adidas embarked on a "Rookie?" t-shirt campaign in defense their signee, Mitchell. 

Last night's 1-point performance from Ben Simmons during his team's Game 2 loss in Boston was instantly memefied. The Utah media were on hand this morning at practice, bringing it right to Mitchell's attention. Then to everyone's surprise, the Utah rookie fered his rival a sympathetic vote confidence. "The biggest thing that people don't understand is that every player has that night." He then described Simmons as a "good player" using Lebron James' 8-point performance against the Mavs during the 2011 finals as a comparable for his rival's f night.

Mitchell's last words were left open handed: "It's all about the response," reads to me like an open challenge. The greater concern should be who, out the two, makes it past the second round. The Utah Jazz are looking to build momentum at home tonight in Game 3. 

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