Downlowd Drops New Single, Announces EP & Beginning Of New Journey

I’ve heard bass house, I’ve heard what some would call “cinematic” dance music, but in my memory, I can’t remember ever hearing a combination the two. Downlowd is here with a new single called “Enter The Maze” that introduces a whole new chapter in his career, as well as a chapter in his character’s story, as well.

The single coincides with the announcement his new Origins EP, which we can announce exclusively here on Your EDM. Due out in March, the EP contains some old tracks, and some new.

“It’s exciting because this is a chance for listeners to jump in to Downlowd’s story and kind binge the first chapter, rather than just listening track to track,” says Downlowd. “Beyond just music, I want to deliver something that people can really sink their teeth in to.”

Check out “Enter The Maze” below. Downlowd plays this Saturday, February 3, in the gallery room Exchange LA in support Timmy Trumpet. Tickets are still available .

And remember, we said that this single is the beginning a new chapter in his character’s story. Read on to see what that’s all about…

Enter the Maze continues our protagonist’s story directly after the events Unplugged- with the help what seems to be a new ally, Downlowd must now come to terms with his new reality as a computerhead and escape the treacherously vast Genesis facility. Unfortunately, the only way out is through the tech labyrinth… A cybernetic jungle, riddled with genetically modified guards, robots, and hologhosts. To escape and find his way home, Downlowd must ENTER THE MAZE.

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