Dr. Dre Loses Legal Battle Against Gynecologist "Dr. Drai"

Dr. Dre is a legend in the game, and as such, respect must be put on his name at all times. It's no wonder that he fought tooth and nail to preserve the integrity the "Dre" brand. As it were, Dre has been in the middle a years-long legal battle against a man by the name Dr. Drai, who has been practicing gynecology with the trademarked name "Doctor Drai OBGYN and Media Personality." Dre's line reasoning being that "there can only be one," while Drai's line reasoning fell more along the lines "my name is my name." Unfortunately for Dr. Dre, his attempt to put a stop on all things Drai has reportedly come to a decisive end. 

According to TMZ, Drai (the gyno) originally filed his trademark back in 2015, which prompted a legal response from Dre; apparently, Dre cited "confusion on the marketplace," due to the similarities their respective names. Drai, who was born Draion M. Burch, has been using the Dr. Drai moniker for years, no doubt well-aware the similarities. Among the books that Drai has authored include "20 Things You May Not Know About the Vagina." To be fair, Dre has also rapped at length about female anatomy. Perhaps the confusion claims held weight after all. Either way, it's Still Drai, at least for the time being - TMZ confirms that the case was indeed dismissed, after the trademark fice felt that a mix-up was unlikely to occur.

Should you feel the need to delve further into this one, check out Dr. Drai's ficial website here. 

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