Drake Accused Of Owing Expert Witnessed Who Helped Him Win Hebrew Hustle Case

Drake may have settled his lawsuit with Hebrew Hustle but he's still on the hook for money owed to an expert witness, according to The Blast. The rapper brought in some powerful forces to help him win the case but that same person who helped him out claims that the rapper left him out to dry when it came to making the agreed upon payment.

Drake Accused Of Owing Expert Witnessed Who Helped Him Win Hebrew Hustle Case
Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

CMG Worldwide Founder & Chairman, Mark Roesler, who's described as a “dominant force in the evolving intellectual property arena," said he agreed to be brought in for a deposition in exchange for $5,312. Roesler claimed that he spent eight hours being deposed in October 2018. He didn't necessarily detail what he spoke about during the deposition but as the publication pointed out, it's likely that he used his expertise to set a monetary value for Drake's likeness while the rapper's attorney made their case to prove Hebrew Hustle cost the rapper tons of money.

Drake ended up reaching a settlement with the company which resulted in Hebrew Hustle paying out the rapper before the case was dismissed. However, Roesler said that he hasn't seen a penny from the money that he's owed. The CMG Worldwide founder was forced to file on Drake in a small claims court.

Drake was initially sued by Hebrew Hustle who claimed he infringed on one of their tracks. Drake later countersued, claiming they used his name and image for false advertisement. 

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