Drake Doesn’t Actually Have A Tattoo Of Rihanna’s Face

It feels like Drake and Rihanna dated ages ago but in reality, it's only been about three years. The former couple has since gone their separate ways with Drake welcoming a baby boy into the world with Sophie Brussaux and Rihanna getting close to her billionaire boyfriend Hassan Jameel. When Drake uploaded a series of photos this week to claim he was in "Album Mode," people got caught up on one little detail. In one of the shots, it would appear as though a tattoo of RiRi's face is on Drake's arm. After some thorough investigating though, it has been determined that the Bajan Beauty is NOT on Drizzy's arm.

In one of the photos, Drake smiles off in the distance with his tattooed right arm on full display. There is a portrait on his bicep that fans believed could have been Rihanna but it turns out that it's another celebrity. As reported by Complex, the tat is actually of actress Robin Givens and although she may have the same first name as Rihanna, there is no relation. The assumption that it could have been the pop star isn't exactly that out-of-the-ordinary though because Champagne Papi does have Lil Wayne, Denzel Washington, Aaliyah, Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant inked on his body.

Did you believe he had gotten a Rihanna tattoo or were you always skeptical?

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