Drake Extends Co-Sign To YG & Tyga: "Been Running This Sh*t"

Drake loves to help out smaller artists by extending his co-sign, spitting some bars on a remix of their most successful songs. We've seen it happen with Summer Walker, BlocBoy JB, and possibly Megan Thee Stallion. Sometimes, he shows love to established stars too and today, he wanted to make sure YG, Tyga and Jon Z knew they were sitting on a goldmine.

Last week, YG released his most recent single "Go Loko" with Tyga and Jon Z. It's just about the most unconventional song we've ever heard the Bompton rapper perform. Released in time for Cinco De Mayo, the track brings forth some evident Spanish flavour, utilizing a Mariachi-style guitar sample and a verse from Jon Z. At first, your reaction after hearing the song may be a little jarring but after a while, you'll likely realize just how much of a bop this is. Drake is no stranger to crafting hits and he wanted to tell his homies that they're sitting on one right now.

Tagging YG in his post, Drizzy Drake said that he, Tyga and Jon Z better be aware of what they've got. "This song, beat and video so hard," he said. "@tyga for real I been running this shit the whole trip." The replay value on this one single alone is pretty stellar so if 4REAL 4REAL is anything like this, we're in for a serious treat. YG's upcoming album was pushed back to the end of this month.


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