Drake Gifts Summer Walker With A Money Rack The Size Of "Muggsy Bogues"

We've all heard the story. Drake likens himself a tastemaker, in a manner that coincides with his own self-interests. Whether it's to purchase a song outright, or to platoon right next to them - Drake always finds a leftover on the next shuttle bus, he's that well connected and paid out.

In some cases, Drake's process of assimilation benefits the other person just as well. Take, for example, Summer Walker's "Girls Need Love," a song standing on the cusp of greatest, after it had outmuscled the competition on regionally-important Atlanta radio.

In comes Drake with a definitive plan to remix the song, and before you know it, Summer Walker has the number song in the country before many of us had bothered to learn her name - which is in itself is a testament to how much talent lies in out there in isolation. The original "Girls Need Love" music video is in itself a good illustration of a simple idea done to perfection. The early of an artist's career usually come from a fairly untouched point of terrain aka "the land before Drake."

By all accounts, Drake compensated Walker right from the onset of the remix process and shared in the song's proceeds thereafter. Which leads us to this very point in time: Summer Walker submits a video of herself wrapping her hands around a large bundle of cash, with the message "thanks @champagnepapi" emblazoned right over the top.

The very next slide confirms it as such: an act of bestowal. Summer and the OVO CEO are pictured together in a club setting. Drake for his part looks to be "hella faded" as he grips on a triple-stacked red cup in his unoccupied right hand. Summer Walker just got a helluva lot richer. Let's just hope Drake didn't fill the middle section of the rack with ones.

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