Drake & Playboi Carti Have A Song Together According To Ian Connor

For several years, Ian Connor has been a pretty influential man in the worlds of music and fashion. He constantly works with some of the top designers and artists and despite his controversial nature, he remains in the public eye. Those who follow him know he's very close to Playboi Carti so anybody waiting on Whole Lotta Red to drop has been keeping eagle eyes on Ian's page. Earlier today, he decided to throw everybody for a ride when he posted a screenshot of a note on his phone, which contains an audio file from Drake and Playboi Carti.

Drake & Playboi Carti Have A Song Together According To Ian Connor
Jason Koerner/Getty Images

If Ian Connor is to be believed, Carti and Drake have a collaboration coming up and we're pretty excited to hear what they've come up with. Playboi Carti is one of the most interesting figures in the rap game. He seemingly serves as the perfect example of a mumble rapper but he still receives tons of attention and praise from outside of that circle. For example, A$AP Rocky, who has distanced himself far away from mumble rap, is one of Carti's closest affiliates. Ian Connor's post was seemingly an impulsive decision. "Fuck It, 2:59 a.m," wrote the stylist, throwing away all care in the world. 

Before you get too excited about the potential of Drake popping up on Whole Lotta Red, Connor has already given an explanation as to why he shared the screenshot, hinting that it might not be out for a while. He wrote that his tweet was inspired by "Percs And Hennessy," adding that the song is getting "locked off."

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