Drake Shouldn't Have Put Michael Jackson On "Scorpion" Says Austin Brown

When Drake revealed the full tracklist for his new album Scorpion, one the features on the list stood out much more than any the others. Even more hype than another Jay-Z verse, Drake managed to get the King Pop himself, Michael Jackson, on his new project. Of course, it was obviously just an unreleased track that Drake secured the rights to to use on his song, but there aren't too many rappers that can say they have a track with Michael Jackson.

Well, it doesn't seem like everybody's happy with the decision. Austin Brown, Michael's nephew was ambushed by TMZ yesterday, where he gave his opinion on Drake using his uncle's music.

"I'm not okay with it," Austin tells the photographer. "I feel like if he didn't finish it, you shouldn't use it."

Austin is quick to point out, however, that he thinks Drake is very talented and that he doesn't believe that Drake is taking advantage Michael's legacy by using his vocals. The song that Drake used on "Don't Matter to Me" was reportedly recorded before the release Thriller, so Michael must have had it locked away in the vault for some time.

Still, at the end the day, music is music. While not everyone might agree with his decision creatively, Drake secured the rights to the song and can do with it was he wishes. Hopefully the rest Michael's family sees it as a loving homage rather than a clout chase.

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