Drake Tops The Beatles For 2nd Most Top 10 Finishes In Billboard’s Hot 100

Drake has yet another token achievement to add to his collection. As of this writing, the Canadian rapper has passed The Beatles for the 2nd most song placements within Billboard's Hot 100. "Money in the Grave" featuring Rick Ross was the song to break the camel's back, pushing him one shy of the top rung occupied by his former make-out partner Madonna.

Drake Tops The Beatles For 2nd Most Top 10 Finishes In Billboard's Hot 100

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

"Money in the Grave" marks the 35th time Drake has landed in the Top 10, within the overarching six decades of Billboard's archival work. For added context, a percentage of the entries were credited to Drake as a "featured artist" with the same degree of equivalence. Madonna for her part has shown no sign of slowing down herself, but I reckon 3 songs is far too slim a margin for her to protect for much longer. Resistance is a futile gesture even in the best times, Madonna. But fear not Madonna. Drake is only here to spread God's Plan where his immaculate son sputtered off.

Most Top 10 Placements On Billboard's Hot 100
Aug. 4, 1958 - Present

38, Madonna
35, Drake
34, The Beatles
31, Rihanna
30, Michael Jackson
28, Mariah Carey
28, Stevie Wonder
27, Janet Jackson
27, Elton John
25, Elvis Presley
24, Lil Wayne
24, Taylor Swift
23, Whitney Houston
23, Paul McCartney
23, The Rolling Stones
21, Eminem
21, JAY-Z
20, Chicago
20, The Supremes

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