Drake’s OVO & Royal Bank Of Canada Announce OVO Summit

Drake's OVO brand is much more than just a record label or a clothing company -- it's an all-encompassing brand. OVO -- founded by Drake, Oliver El-Khatib and Noel "40" Shebib -- and RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) announced their new partnership for the 2019 OVO Summit.

Since June 3rd, there have been billboards across Toronto with the golden OVO emblem and a gold RBC logo reading one of four phrases: “Dream it,” “Live it,” “Breathe it” or “Earn it.” Many thought that an OVO credit card was on the way but that isn't the case, at least not yet. The billboards have been put up to announce the OVO Summit which is open to the Canadian public for the first time ever. OVO Summit is described as an "immersive conference" for Canadian-based creatives and entrepreneurs who are looking to take their careers to new heights. 

“These events are at the core of what OVO represents: chasing new ideas and sharing information to help us on our paths to success,” El Khatib told Forbes. “The summit is a curated educational experience for all the like-minded young Canadians who are passionate about careers in music, sports and entertainment. These kinds of activations are our duty and, I feel, essential investments into the future of our city," he continued. “Drake is synonymous with the OVO brand, but the body of work created under the owl logo over the past decade represents Drake, myself and Noah’s collaborative efforts."

Tickets to the OVO summit will be available for purchase on June 24th. The OVO Summit takes place on August 2nd. 

In other related news, Drake also announced that OVO Fest will be coming back this summer. Given how previous OVO Fest took place on the first weekend of August, it seems likely that the OVO Summit and OVO Fest will align themselves on the same weekend. 

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