Drake's "Scorpion" Will Feature Response To Pusha T According To DJ Akademiks

DJ Akademiks is one the most influential people in hip-hop. His relationship with Tekashi 6ix9ine aside, Ak is usually one the first to get the inside scoop on some the juicier stories pertaining to your favorites rappers. When he's not breaking news, he's usually sharing his polarizing opinions about hip-hop culture. You don't need to love him but he's fully absorbed by the culture and you have to respect that. In a way, Akademiks is like any one us: a fan viewing things unfold from the outside. When he does speak up though, his words usually carry weight. Such was the case when he casually revealed that Drake's response to Pusha T will be dropping within the Scorpion tracklist on Everyday Struggle.

When discussing how much he dislikes the "I'm Upset" single, Ak stated that a little birdie informed him that Drake was including his "career-ending" response to Pusha T on his next album. This has been hinted at as it would be unlike him to simply accept defeat without trying to get a one-up on Pusha but this is the first instance an industry source saying it will eventually release. According to Ak, the song will be a toned-down version the original record that J Prince informed Drake to halt production on. While it will be significantly less vulgar and disrespectful, Ak says there will be parts and references kept in after it was re-recorded.

Scorpion is set to arrive on June 29 and, while DJ Akademiks could just be gassing everyone up, a response to Pusha T will be on the tracklist. Is it too late though?

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