Draymond Green Lashes Out After Reporter Instigates Feud With Rajon Rondo

Draymond Green had every right to be upset with his team's performance on Friday night. Although his Warrior team was up 2 games to none, Game 3's 119-100 loss may have shifted the pendulum closer to the center. In the first quarter, Rajon Rondo and Draymond got into a shoving match, their grudge persisting throughout the series. Both players are hard nosed competitors, so it comes as no surprise to see their tempers flare. That didn't stop the media from trying to sensationalize the matter during the Post-Game press conference.

When a reporter insinuated he was the one initiated contact with Rajon Rondo, Draymond lost his cool. "I haven't been getting into it with Rondo," he exclaimed in response before admitting to maybe one fence. "You've seen me get into it with people before. When have I gotten in into Rondo this series? Maybe once. I wouldn't even say getting into it, though."

Draymond is perhaps in denial about some his on-court behaviour but he does have a point when he states: "That's basketball, You're going to be face-to-face with somebody. That's how you guard." Although Rajon Rondo has made him out be a villain, this is one charge he is not willing to accept. Draymond Green is simply tired playing the villain.

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