Drum 'n' bass producer Spirit has died

Spirit, aka Duncan Busto, passed away on Sunday following a cardiac arrest on August 13.

Busto was a key figure in the momentum and progression of drum 'n' bass for many years, with timeless dancefloor fillers being churned out for decades.

He started out working in Ipswich's Redeye Records in '92 and was producing full time by '96, with releases such as 'Mendacity'/'Delusions' on Timeless Recordings and 'Open Spaces'/'Science Fusions' on CIA Records.

As his career progressed he signed tracks with legendary drum and bass labels such as Metalheadz, Shogun Audio, Renegade Hardware and Function to name a few. He also worked with the likes of Digital, Klute and Photek.

Spirit and Digital’s release 'Phantom Force' sparked the start-up of Phantom Audio in 1999, followed by the beginning of the forward-thinking Inneractive Music in 2002. Inneractive has releases from the likes of SPY, Outrage, Need For Mirrors and DJ Vapour.

A crowdfunding campaign has been started to help Busto’s friends and family cope with the financial demands of his death.

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