Dyrisk Makes A Statement With New Single 'Smile'

Dyrisk – ‘Smile’ (feat. Nik Ernst)

Up-and-coming Norwegian singer, songwriter and producer Dyrisk is finally back with his new single, a dark and down-tempo track entitled ‘Smile,‘ featuring vocals from fellow multi-talented artist Nik Ernst.

Ernst’s soulful vocals layer over the opening deep bassline, with a glitchy electro chorus. ‘Smile’ showcases Dyrisk’s true song-writing capabilities. It’s not an EDM banger with a predictable build-up and drop, but rather songwriting in its purest form featuring electronic elements. The track is somewhat reminiscent alternative duo Twenty One Pilots, but with more powerful vocals and less gimmicky marketing.

Described as “alternative electronic,” ‘Smile’ is a captivating and fresh take on the electronic genre, which is currently saturated with uninspired and repetitive music. We love when artists start breaking out this mold, something we’ve seen a rise in lately, with artists like . It would seem that electronic producers are putting their heart and souls back into the music as a push back against the somewhat soulless cash-grabbing EDM that’s been pumped out the past few years.

The electronic scene is full songwriters like Dyrisk who are itching to break out. Our eyes are peeled on this talented producer and we can’t wait to hear what he has in store for us.

‘Smile’ marks the return Dyrisk since the release his last single over a year ago entitled  a collaboration with Flyboy. Within that time, Dyrisk made a notable shift in his sound. Whereas ‘Over You’ is infectious and bubbly, ‘Smile’ is anything but. Check out the new single below.

Dyrisk – ‘Smile’ (feat. Nik Ernst) | Free Download

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