Eazy-E Reportedly Hired An Ex-Israeli Soldier To Threaten Suge Knight

The world rap in the 90's was harsh to say the least. Nowadays, beef plays out over Instagram instead in the streets. However, back when Eazy-E and N.W.A. were in their heyday, there was no choice but to settle things the old fashioned way.

In an interview with Gary Ballen, the cousin N.W.A.'s former manager, Jerry Heller, as well as stage and production manager for the group, went to the Murder Master Music Show to talk about Eazy-E, and how he used to take care business. 

In L.A. in the 90's, there was one person you had to look out for, and it was Suge Knight. While Suge is dealing with some more recent legal trouble right now, back then there was nothing you could say to him when he came knocking at your door. So rather than deal with Suge himself, Eazy found someone who could.

"The first time I ever saw Mike Klein, it was a picture him holding up two severed heads," said Ballen. "He was one those crazy Israeli army guys and when I met him, he had a real strong crew guys who worked for him and they became our bodyguards."

Klein apparently confronted Suge, Ballen says. "The first thing I heard was he told Suge if he ever comes back, he would chop him up and put him in dumpsters all over the city. And the second thing I heard was he told Suge if he ever comes to the fice uninvited again, he would leave in a box."

Don't think that makes Eazy a coward either, as Ballen also has a story Eazy knocking out a 300 pound man in one punch.

Check out the interview below.

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