EBIT teams together with numerous artists for World Mental Health Day 2021 livestream

Today 10th October 2021, is widely recognised around the globe as World Mental Health Day, a day in which to put emphasis on people’s mental health and make the world a better place. The collective group EBIT has grabbed music maestros Johnny Jewel of the record label Italians Do It Better as well as DJ John Digweed along with influential sound designer Michel Gaubert and iconic model and singer Soo Joo Park to create an exclusive musical live stream that comes as a moment of solidarity and a gift to the world of fashion and music.


The stream will be exclusively available to tune into today at 6pm UK time (10am in LA) on John Digweed’s Mixcloud page and will feature 2 hours of dopamine-releasing music, filled with hypnotic good vibes. featuring songs with lyrics such as “I don’t wanna pretend”, “let me talk to you” and “I feel better” it has the intention to break through the barriers of someone’s sadness. The mix will then be aired on John Digweed’s legendary TRANSITIONS radio network during the weekend of October 16th and 17th, which is streamed in 45 countries and over 80 radio stations globally. Following all this, the mix will remain on John Digweed’s Mixcloud page available when people need it the most. The DJ discusses the project in a press release when he states:

“After the success of our Blue Monday stream with EBIT earlier this year, it’s great to be able to use my platform with Mixcloud and Transitions to help raise awareness of World Mental Health Day on October 10th with an exclusive mix from Johnny Jewel of Italians Do It Better. Make sure you check out the Live stream on Mixcloud as the mix is accompanied with some amazing visuals. Take a moment to tune in.”


EBIT, which stands for Enjoy Being in Transition is a collective group trying to tackle mental health struggles within all the arts industries, through joy-filled mixes, they aim to challenge the society status quo, and also have plans to do a charity fundraiser through the sale of digital arts. Make sure to tune into the mix here and anyone struggling with mental health can find global resources here.


Image Credit: Press

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