Ebro Pops Up On CNN, Talks Kanye West With Don Lemon

Kanye watch continues. It's clear that his recent rant, which essentially labels slavery "a choice," has pushed many longtime defenders too far. Plenty longtime defenders have turned their backs on the once mighty Yeezus. And yet somehow, amidst all the chaos, he's certainly managed to keep his name in the headlines. Perhaps this is exactly what he wants. One simply wonders whether this time, the price will prove costly. He's already starting to look like a laughing stock. Even Chris Brown has taken to clowning him. Overall, it's not easy to be a Kanye fan right now.

Some, like Ebro Darden, have become swept up in Kanye-mania; like Tip, Ebro has positioned himself as an opposing voice in the Yeezy narrative, using every opportunity to share his opinion on Ye's controversial return. Now, Ebro has found himself on CNN, sitting alongside Don Lemon to discuss the ostensible unraveling Kanye West, aka the "Free Thinker." Together, the two pundits analyzed Kanye's recent tweets, in which he attempted to defend his ideas surrounding slavery. "Your brain, Kanye and your mouth are not working in concert," says Ebro. "He's embarrassing a lot people, especially in hip hop."

Lemon goes one step further, saying "he's embarassing himself. He doesn't know history." Ebro explains that Kanye doesn't read, choosing instead to "experience life." He also feels like Kanye isn't listening to those around him, while Lemon fears that a complete dismissal history context will lead to further embarrassment. Check the whole interview below, and props to Ebro for landing a spot on CNN.

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