Ebro Reveals Why Tekashi 6ix9ine Wasn't Allowed Into Summer Jam

Tekashi 6ix9ine is one the hottest rappers coming out New York right now but his controversial actions seem to be causing him more problems in his pressional career. Last night was a prime example this after he was denied entry into Hot 97's Summer Jam. It shouldn't be all that shocking considering that Ebro specifically said he wasn't invited to perform. However, Tekashi took to his favorite social media platform to bash Hot 97, Ebro and Summer Jam. Now, Ebro has simultaneously clapped back and explained exactly why Tekashi 6ix9ine wasn't allowed inside The MetLife Stadium.

Ebro explained exactly why Tekashi 6ix9ine wasn't allowed inside Summer Jam on his morning show today. First he heckled 6ix9ine for using make up to hide his face tattoos.

"He showed up to the Summer Jam on IG Live. He put himself on IG Live like he was doing an investigative report what was going on," Ebro said. "Why he put on makeup to cover up all his tattoos?...You want to be involved in Summer Jam so bad son that you don’t even know how to stand down, that's how bad you play yourself. Reason we ain't have you on Summer Jam is because you don't know how to shut up."

Ebro admitted that he started to consider allowing 6ix9ine to touch the Summer Jam stage and even had a plan behind it. However, 6ix9ine's latest antics may have been the reason why Ebro changed his mind.

"I had a whole thing but I wasn't going to tell him in advance because his dumb ass don't know how to shut up," he said. "Fam, we had Casanova in the building. I had a whole plan. People was working, people really want to help this kid but he don't know how to shut up. Then you want to jump on the IG when shootings happen and you want to have your name all associated with it]. People don't want you in a state run facility with state police and the FBI and police dogs... with your stupid ass."

Ebro then referred to Akademiks as "Akadummy" and addressed 6ix9ine's comments on the size the show. "If Summer Jam fell f so bad, fam, why you outside with make up on trying to cover up your tattoos trying to get inside?"

Peep the full video below. 

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