EDC Las Vegas 2021 Will Move to October If “Robust Safety Plan” Is Rejected

As electronic music fans continue to clamor for updates about EDC Las Vegas, Insomniac founder Pasquale Rotella has provided a crucial update on the promoter's most popular music festival.

In an announcement shared via Instagram, Rotella said Insomniac has submitted a "robust safety plan" to Nevada officials which, if approved by the state, will allow the promoter to move forward with the festival's dates of May 21st to 23rd. However, he cautioned that if the plan were to be rejected, EDC Las Vegas will be pushed to October 2021. Fans can expect a concrete decision by April 8th.

In his statement, Rotella also attempted to allay concerns regarding travel by recommending that prospective attendees book their plans now and reschedule them to October should the festival be moved. 

The candid statement also addresses concerns about hosting the festival altogether in light of the uncertainty of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. "To the Headliners asking that we move the show now, I hear your concerns," he continued. "We also need to consider the Headliners who have struggled through this year & need EDC and the support of our community in their lives. We’d love to be able to pull the show off and bring light back into their lives sooner rather than later, but if the show ends up happening in October, we’ll still be able to share the magic of EDC together."

You can read Rotella's full update below.


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