EDC Las Vegas Day 2 Has 35 Arrests and 65 Ejections

As most people know, this year's EDC Las Vegas has been taking place this weekend. If you've been watching the live stream or have been attending the festival, you can tell that many people have been attending this year. Oftenly due to the large attendance number this year, it is usually certain that there will be arrests and ejections.

For Day 2 this marvelous event, with 138,000 people in attendance, only 33 people were arrested. That is a small amount, especially for an attendance that size. 29 were reported for felony narcotics arrests and 2 misdemeanors.

It has also been reported that 65 ejections were taken place for multiple reasons. Truthfully, that is still an impressively small amount.

Sadly, the final day EDC Las Vegas has ultimately come upon us. Make sure to catch the last few moments this fantastic event on the live stream.

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