Eddie Murphy Blocks Mel B From Discussing His Sex Life In Her New Autobiography

Eddie Murphy and Spice Girl Mel B dated back in 2006, and during their relationship, the couple had a child. Murphy and Mel B welcomed a baby girl into the world in 2007, but Murphy had no interest in settling down. The rumors surrounding the birth of their daughter, the subsequent break-up, and Murphy's sex life have spun out of control for years. Mel B has promised to dish out all the dirt in her new autobiography Brutally Honest, but it looks like a gag order from Murphy's camp is stopping her from doing so. 

According to The Sun, a 2007 gagging clause is stopping Mel B from discussing the specifics of her relationship with Murphy. The legally binding agreement was made as a condition that Murphy took a paternity test to prove their child was indeed his.  “Mel has to be very careful about her chapter on Eddie, because they have a legal deal in place," a source close to the situation told The Sun. “That came in the aftermath of him denying being the dad of Angel and then working out a financial deal through lawyers. The publishers’ legal team are looking at how to get around problematic aspects of it, but Mel will not be able to talk about the financials or personal aspects of Eddie’s sex life." It looks like Eddie can enjoy his privacy.

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