EDMsauce.com Artist of the Week: Felitche

Hey there dance music fans! Thanks for tuning into yet another part our Artist the Week Series where we choose one up and coming artist, and showcase their talents all week!

This week we are bringing you, Felitche Hutchinson, who is a pop/EDM DJ & vocalist originally from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

EDMsauce.com Artist  the Week: Felitche

He first hit success in the mainstream through modeling and pressional sports but his passion for music was the thing that always overshadowed his other endeavors. He'd later follow that passion right to the heart Canadian music, Toronto.

His latest track, One More Shot, receiving more than 40,000 plays on Spotify, is a straight up party banger that can transfer from not only After-Hours get togethers, but also, Festivals, Clubs, and could see itself set for radio play. The track uses pop-style vocals, closely resembling modern hip-hop, pulling itself into a build that creates energy around the record on the way to the crescendo. The drop explodes into a heavy 808 focused breakdown, that uses trap snare rolls, hi-hats, and FX to fill the empty space, radiating energy the entire way through. We can totally see this record dropped mid-set just about anywhere and get a positive response on the dance-floor.

Felitche has also released an accompanying Music Video for his Track, One more Shot. You can peep the video below. It takes the energy from this record and collaborates it with the obvious party atmosphere the record is intended for. Take a peek at the music video below, and be sure to check back in, as we are giving Felitche the top spot this week!

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