EDMSauce Premiere: Danny Avila Releases Upbeat Single 'Thinking About You'

Danny Avila has dropped an extra-special track to celebrate his 24 years on the planet – ‘Thinking About You’. Always sure to provide an onslaught of multi genre anthems, Danny has released a commercial-leaning track especially for his birthday festivities.

This release follows a recent hard dance collaboration with Will Sparks. ‘Fat Beat’ allowed the dance music enthusiast to immerse himself in the harder-hitting genre. Demonstrating an assortment of production skills, Danny has embraced an energetic effort debuting on his very own label, NUMB3R5. As the first release from Danny’s new imprint, he’s expressed excitement at being unleashed from the limitations of labels. ‘Thinking About You' boasts melodic tones and hints of tropical appeal, suggesting that summer is, in fact, on its way.

We look forward to more from this determined young talent (whose summer schedule is looking jam-packed), as well as the new freedom he finds in NUMB3R5.

Check out ‘Thinking About You' below and don't forget to grab your copy HERE.

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