Eflorem Release New Single “Dreams” Accompanied By An Avant-Garde Music Video

The multi-genre artists love to mix various styles such as dubstep, hyper pop, psytrance, and drum & bass to come out with distinctive sounds and pumping beats. Eflorem don’t like to limit themselves to a particular genre and focus on creating music that excites the audience. 

The couple’s latest release “Dreams” is no different. The experimental visuals along with the Hyper House elements take the public on an exhilarating journey.

Eflorem have outdone themselves again with their newest track. The chemistry between them is impeccable. As they’ve confessed before; “From the moment we started writing music together in college, we found that the ideas and energy flowed so easily, and it just felt right to us. Actually, a few hours after meeting in the lobby of Berklee, we went straight to Deweys house and began working on our first song!”

These two sure know how to rouse a crowd. As they’ve done with their earlier hits such as “With You”, “We Belong” ,“Breathe”, “Money”, and “Fire”, there’s no doubt that the latest track “Dreams” has caused a stir as well.

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