Electro Swing Spotify Playlist Added To EDM Sauce's Official Channel

Do you love Electro Swing? Then you're going to love the Electro Swing Spotify playlist now on EDM Sauce's ficial Spotify account.

As we enter the beginning March and as we near summer, we've decided to create the ficial electro swing playlist with songs featuring Parov Stelar, Caravan Palace, Bart & Baker, Swing Republic, AronChupa, Klischee, Jamie Berry, Intended Immigration, Swingrowers, Kormac, Minimatic, and even songs by Lemaitre.

For all our other playlists, head to our EDM Sauce Spotify channel featuring New EDM This Week and Best EDM Songs 2018.

Electro Swing Playlist

Stream the Electro Swing Playlist on Spotify.

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