Elon Musk allegedly refused entry from Berghain

Tesla and Space X CEO billionaire Elon Musk is one of the most influential individuals on the planet. Recently taking a visit to Germany’s capital of Berlin over the weekend to open a brand new Tesla gigafactory, the billionaire decided on a bar crawl to some of the city’s best and biggest clubs to celebrate, which reportedly ended in Elon being refused entry to what is known to many as ‘the techno capital of the world’, being the club Berghain.

Disguising himself in a Zorro mask during the crawl, Elon Musk was spotted at various locations across berlin including KitKatClub, a famous fetish club that features an explicit dress code of leather, latex, lingerie and more as well as the club Sisyphos which is housed in a former factory. All of this heavy partying led to many cryptic tweets from the billionaire stating “They wrote PEACE on the wall at Berghain! I refused enter (sic).” this led his 80 million-plus followers into a frenzy about whether he refused to enter himself or was turned away by Berghain’s infamous bouncers. Elon Musk was quick to follow up his previous tweet going into more detail stating tweeting out to the world:

Peace. Peace? I hate the word. Those who do care about peace (myself aspirationally included) don’t need to hear it. And those who don’t care about peace? Well …

It is still unclear whether one of the richest people on the planet was refused access to Berghain and we may never know as the club has refused to comment on the situation, which is due to the fact the club has a strict policy to not discuss publicly any of the happens within or around the club. However according to Reddit forum r/Berlin user, KaspersLunita commented saying Elon Musk did get to the front of the queue only to be turned away, but the creditably of this source remains up in the air.


Image Credit: BRITTA PEDERSEN/POOL/AFP via Getty Images/Berghain Press

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