Elon Musk Continues Grimes-Lovefest On Twitter

The news that brought bleep bloop into a domain realness keeps on giving. Page Six initially broke it down for us. In the most unlikely circumstances, a tech investor-inventor-engineer is quietly dating Canadian musician Grimes. Yes, Elon Musk the founder Tesla, and the man most likely to field commercial flights to Planet Mars has outed himself as a fan "bedroom pop" aficionado. He is in fact dating the Canadian singer, after sparks flew high during a Twitter exchange. They soon realized they both shared an interest in 18th century Baroque music, his admission a more surprising turn. 

The confirmation quickly succeeded their startling appearance together at Monday's red carpet opening the Met Gala. Grimes has been relatively quiet since the release Art Angels in 2015. She is making up for lost time by announcing two albums slated for release in 2018. The first which will be the final straw in her deal with 4AD, a company she described as a "shit label," and a second project she is actually stoked to complete. Among her fans, Elon Musk is positioned to hear the rough edits before they see the light day. Last night on Twitter, Musk "fanboyed" with a fellow user who asked him for his favorite cuts in Grimes' entire discography. His answer: "Flesh without Blood" & "Kill V Maim" on Art Angels album, while fering a link on Spotify for those late to the party.  

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