Elon Musk Could Face Legal Issues For "Pedo" Tweet Aimed At British Rescuer

Elon Musk might be facing legal repercussions for a couple of tweets. British rescuer Vern Unsworth says his pursuing legal action against the billionaire is a possibility. The American entrepreneur has made a derogatory comment online, calling Unsworth a "pedo", short for pedophile. His comment has since been deleted.

Vern Unsworth is a caver based in Thailand who was instrumental in helping rescue efforts after 12 school boys and their soccer coach were stuck in a cave following a flood last week. Elon Musk was also part of the rescue efforts. He had constructed a miniature submarine that ultimately was left unused. Some called Musk a distraction since he had publicized his efforts extensively on the way to his impending failure.

Unsworth acknowledged Musk's being virtually useless in the situation, saying his plan "had absolutely no chance of working." He deemed the whole thing to be a PR stunt for the American.

Seems like these comments upset Musk since he took to Twitter to discredit Unsworth by calling him a "pedo." The caver said, "I believe he's called me a pedophile. Well, [if] by definition rescuing 12 young boys...that puts everybody in the same context."
Considering the immensity of Musk's following and his net worth, the Brit could get a hefty settlement if he decides to pursue legal action.

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