Elypsis & Arielle Maren Team Up For 'Always Be' + Vintage & Morelli Remix

Silk Music has been raising the bar on melodic tunes in 2018, and today it continues with “Always Be,” to which three extraordinary artists, hailing from three different continents, contribute their superlative production and vocal talents: Elypsis (Australia), Arielle Maren (USA), and Vintage & Morelli (Serbia).

1. Original Mix
Having just celebrated the one-year anniversary his first ficial release, Elypsis has already found a voice within the compositional niche atmospheric and sensual deep-progressive electronic music. It seems to have been fateful, then, that he would link up with acclaimed veteran singer-songwriter Arielle Maren (also known for crafting poignant progressive anthems), with whom his musical chemistry is undeniable. Their original version fers listeners both a soothing and moving aural experience, thanks to the chilled, after-hours vibes Elypsis’ underlying instrumental, coupled with Arielle’s gentle, yet heartfelt lyrics and reassuring refrain, “I’ll always be…right here.”

2. Vintage & Morelli Vocal Remix
Veteran fans Silk Music label (and trance & progressive house, in general) will not be surprised to see Serbian phenom Vintage & Morelli grace a single that features Arielle Maren, his frequent muse. He honors the rich musicality Elypsis’ production, as well as the emotional resonance Arielle’s lyrics and vocals, with an energized, blissful take. More specifically, the song begins with a punchy, ebullient groove, which casts a hopeful and radiant glow upon Arielle’s vocals. Euphoric chords, kissed with just a twinge melancholy, continue to permeate the soundscape, leading to the triumphant main breakdown, where a soaring piano theme and jubilant chords rapturously coalesce with Arielle’s gorgeous vocal.


“Always Be”
Lyrics Written by Arielle Maren

Another sunrise defines
The space between us
No distance too great can hide
The ties that draw us near
And when you whisper my name
Into the darkness
You feel me here

So far away, far away
You’re calling out a prayer for me to stay
Another day, another day
How many miles must wedge us apart
Come what may, come what may
This fleeting moment is all that we have
And all we need

I’ll always be
Right here
I’ll always be
Right here

Wherever you go
I will be near
The distance may grow
There’s nothing to fear
You long for me so
Yet it’s crystal clear
I’ll always be
Right here

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