Eminem Hits Instagram For "Pac Man" Session, Prompting MGK Diss Theories

By now, fans are waiting with bated breath for Eminem to return fire. Both Machine Gun Kelly and Joe Budden seem likely recipients for his wrath, with the former's "Rap Devil" turning a variety of heads. In fact, the history between Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly is rich and full of passive aggression; read up on the sordid tale here. Though some may say Em is officially on the clock, given "Rap Devil's" potency, others opt for a "patience is a virtue" approach. Still, it seems likely that Em's response is on the way, especially if friend and collaborator Mr. Porter is to be believed. 

We can only assume that Em is hard at work recording his retort. Such theories were given slight credence last night, when Eminem made the rare foray onto Instagram Live. Those tuning in were treated to a lengthy clip of Eminem playing "Ms. Pac Man" with zenlike focus. While it's unconfirmed, it's entirely possible that the session took place in a recording studio breakroom; where else might it be? In any case, Em and his team are clearly aware of the hype surrounding his reply, and an impromptu IG session from a habitual recluse is bound to cause stirrings. 

One particular video, as seen below, has even taken their theory-crafting to levels often reserved for Game Of Thrones and Lost aficionados, pointing out that Machine Gun actually has Ms. Pac Man tattoos. Could everything be connected? We shall wait and see.

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