Eminem Talks "Kamikaze," "Revival" Backlash & More In New Interview With Sway

Over the past week, the shots Em fired off on Kamikaze has been the topic of conversation including the ones towards Machine Gun Kelly and Joe Budden. MGK recently shared his response titled, "Rap Devil" which became the top trending video on YouTube and the number one song on iTunes charts shortly after. That being said, there's been a lot of questions that people have had for Eminem this past week and he's addressing some of them on his new interview with Sway.

Earlier today, Eminem shared a teaser of what to expect from his forthcoming interview with Sway. During the snippet that was shared today, Em seemed to speak on his beef with Machine Gun Kelly.

"Now, you're a fuckin' enemy," he's heard saying which many presume is in response to the shots he fired at Machine Gun Kelly.

Em very rarely does any press to promote albums, especially in the past few years. The interviews he's chosen to do have been on his own terms.  So you could only expect that whatever he's had to say, he will. 

The first part of Eminem's interview with Sway has arrived. The rapper’s addresses some of the questions many have had for him within the past year. Em addresses the criticism he faced with Revival and how that helped him push towards creating Kamikaze. Towards the end of part one, he begins to speak on diss records, specifically his beef with MGK.

Peep part one of his interview with Sway below.

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