Eminem & Travis Scott’s Agent Sued For Bullying & Improper Conduct

Music industry executives usually prefer to stay in the background, letting artists shine and taking a backseat a lot of the time. Today though, it is being reported that two hip-hop agents are in the middle of a lawsuit, which is pretty personal and deep-rooted.

For years, Cara Lewis and Marcie Allen have been hitting red carpets as a duo. The two were known to be friends, helping each other out all the time. Lewis reportedly learned several tricks of the trade from Allen but now, it's been uncovered that she may have only gotten close to her so that she could stab her in the back later on. According to Variety, Marcie Allen is suing Cara Lewis, who represents Eminem, Travis Scott, Pusha-T, Lil Baby, Chance The Rapper, and others, for bullying, threats, false assertions and improper conduct. 

Eminem & Travis Scott's Agent Sued For Bullying & Improper Conduct
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Allen is demanding $4.5 million in damages from her former friend after helping her set up a talent agency over the course of three years. Allen says that she "gave her a structure and safe haven, along with a massive amount of support so that she could get her business off the ground." After spending more time with Lewis, Allen started to learn more about her character. It is reported that she "began to frequently bully people in the open, shared office space, act out in highly inappropriate [ways] … screaming and ranting on the phone and in the office, demeaning employees" and more. 

When Lewis was working with Allen at her office space, she reportedly ignored many office rules and now, she's refusing to even vacate the space. It has come to the point where legal action needed to be taken. Allen is most disturbed after learning that Lewis has actively been soliciting her own clients privately, attempting to convince them to work with her instead of Allen.

There is a lot at stake here. Lewis represents some high-profile rappers that we mentioned above so she could be at risk of losing her entire business.

Eminem & Travis Scott's Agent Sued For Bullying & Improper Conduct
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