Eminem Tweets Heartfelt Tribute To Bushwick Bill

No matter where you stand on Eminem, there's no denying the man is a student of the game. After all, there's a reason his wardrobe consists entirely of hip-hop tees, as he once explained during a show in Australia. " I feel like you need to know because what they did for hip-hop is so fu*king incredible because they made it go to that next level," he told fans. "These are the rappers that inspired me, man. On some real shit." Those familiar with Em's music likely recall his many homages to the greats, from recent looks to Three Stacks and Masta Ace on "Lucky You," to his iconic best rappers list on "Till I Collapse." Therefore, when he speaks on a hip-hop legend, he's speaking as a well-studied authority on the topic.

Eminem Tweets Heartfelt Tribute To Bushwick Bill 

Matthew Simmons/Getty Images

While we've seen many hip-hop icons rallying in support of The Geto Boys' Bushwick Bill, Em allowed himself a moment to gather his thoughts before voicing his condolences. As Em is among the biggest superstars on a global level, his Tweet may very well shine a light on Bushwick Bill and his music, to an audience that might otherwise plead ignorance to the deeper pantheon of hip-hop icons. 

"RIP to the pioneering legend and one-of-a-kind MC #BushwickBill," writes Em, in a rare Twitter post. We echo the sentiment; Bushwick Bill moved forward with an aura of undeniable mystique, and his contributions to the Geto Boys legacy should not be forgotten. RIP. 

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